Compensation & Payroll Planning

Compensation planning and administration can be challenging. Performance measurement systems can serve as the critical link between your corporate strategy and the execution ability of your workforce. Our Strategy provides a road map for the planning and execution of major organizational initiatives involving people. We customize and deliver a clear and coherent strategy that is linked to your organization’s business plan by proffering solutions to key compensation and payroll issues which addresses such questions as:

  • How do you determine a salary for a new position, or if you promote someone to new responsibilities?
  • Are you measuring compensation levels against other employees in the company, against employees in other companies in similar positions or against performance?
  • How do you determine salary ranges for existing positions and adjust them periodically to compensate for economic factors (cost of living changes, inflation) and competitive pressures (industry demand for that type of employee, profit margins)?
  • Are you complying with government regulations regarding discrimination, pension administration, contractor versus employee determinations, and union or other contractual obligations?
  • What is the plan to manage future business changes and their impact on your human resources?

Through our Managed Payroll Services capability, we handle all operational aspects of the payroll process of an organization in the most cost-efficient and time-effective manner. Our payroll experts ensure all payroll functions are performed against pre-defined service level agreements.In all, the overriding objective is to have and keep your employees motivated to do the job the best way they can.